1 month on tour


Week 4. 25/3/2016 1st month on tour

Today marks exactly 1 month since I left home to work as the Minivation intern and my god hasn’t the time flown by. We started on the super-secret project the day after I arrived and I have basically been working on it every day since. Progress has been slow at times with many design hurdles to overcome, however at this point we are on the verge of finishing a feasible design concept. In the past week I have focused my attention on learning to draw so I can put my thoughts onto paper, again quite a slow process but I feel as though I am getting the hang of it. No doubt the next 2 months will present many more engineering and design challenges.

Another challenging aspect of my trip has been the separation from my family. I have left my darling wife and 2 beautiful daughters at home. As grateful as I am for the technological conveniences of facebook and skype, you just can’t beat the affection and the presence of the ones you love. As a young child my own father was often away at sea for months at a time serving in the Australian Navy. He would leave myself, my brothers and Mum at home to continue with our lives while he fulfilled his duties; sure it was tough on us (mostly on Mum) but I hadn’t, until now, considered his own personal hardships. Separation from one’s own family leaves a void that can only be filled by their presence; however, it’s not all doom and gloom. Just as the old man had had his fellow crewmen with him on board, many of which became lifelong friends, I too am grateful to have Ben and Becky, both of whom I have come to consider my friends, perhaps even lifelong friends. Hopefully in time our 2 families will have the chance to finally meet.

One thing to look forward to is the Castle Combe Easter meet this coming Monday. Hopefully the fine weather we’ve experienced today will continue for the rest of the long weekend and make for some exciting Mini racing. Speaking of things to look forward to, there is little more than 6 weeks until the IMM!!! Preparations are well under way, there is a trailer being built by Paul especially for the event, a riot van in the process of being fitted out by Darrel to accommodate 4 blokes and a clubman and a bunch of different products that we are busy readying for sale. Make sure you come and check out our Minivation stall.