Bruce’s Blog

Week 1.   5/3/16

I have been asked by Ben here at Minivation to write a blog recording my exploits while I am here on loan from Australia. As this is my first blog I suppose I should start by Introducing myself. My name is Ben…… confusing I know, however for the next 3 months you can call me Bruce. This is a name that was chosen by a Facebook follower of ours after we launched a recent competition to select the best and most appropriate nickname you could think of. Congratulations to Andy White, his suggestion ‘Bruce’ came from my absolute favourite Monty Python sketch, check out this link.

I am currently in my 4th year of a mechanical engineering degree and am undertaking the work placement component of my course. As I have previously mentioned, I have travelled all the way from Queensland in Australia and I am here to work for the next 3 months as the official Minivation intern. Primarily, my job will be to work on our brand new, super-secret project; it’s all very exciting and so far I am relishing the opportunity to get stuck headlong into it. My other tasks will be to assist Ben with the upkeep of the Minivation website, manage our numerous social media accounts and construct components for our products. Also while I have been here I have had the pleasure of participating in the creation of some absolute comedy wizardry in the form of our last 2 videos. Keep an eye out for more comedy gold in the near future.

Since today pretty much marks the end of my first week in the UK it is the perfect time to reflect on a couple of the things I have learned so far. First and foremost, managing a small business is a full time job on its own and is definitely not for the faint hearted; the time and effort involved in the general running of the business is enormous. Secondly the average English day requires at least 4 or 5 cups of tea to remain sane and as we all know a cup of tea without a couple of ginger biscuits is like eating crumble without custard. Unfortunately Great Britain is currently experiencing its worst ginger biscuit crisis in all of recorded history, fortunately I’ve had been able to find some choc-chip biscuits at Tescos, not quite the same, however still an acceptable substitute.

Over the course of the next 3 months I will have the pleasure of participating in a number of Minivation adventures; we will be attending the 2016 IMM in Belgium, we will have a traders stand at the annual London to Brighton run and will also do our best to attend as many Mini related car shows as possible.  I will also endeavour to keep you all up-to-date on my UK adventures.

Today on my agenda I have to complete some components for our cup holders.

So for now it’s ‘ooroo!!