LED Headlights

Beat the darkness in submission with our up coming LED headlights!



This is something we’ve been looking at offering for a while now since we already have e-marked sealed LED indicator units on offer.

We’re still in the process of testing and fully understanding the rules and regulations involved as they change a lot from country to country, as well as from agency to agency!

The plan is to offer a range of LED headlights, all conforming to the relevant standards, certainly in the UK and Ireland and then onwards to Europe and beyond.

Before we commit to sell we are obviously doing our due dilligence on the regs before commiting finacially. We hope to have this buttoned up in the next couple of weeks and be able to offer these incredible lights to all our fantastic customers. Imagine this, imagine you could actually see where you were going?! No more travelling by candle light, or driving into the shadow caused by the car behind you! All this and more will be yours…

Pricing will be coming soon.

We hope to offer a washer jet solution to compliment the lights too.

Keep an eye on our social media outlets for updates as they come.

Regards, the Minivation Team


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